Enzymatic Drain Maintainer and Cleaner

Enzymatic Drain Maintainer and Cleaner

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Enzymatic Drain Maintainer and Cleaner More Details

A multi-strain enzyme formulation that prevents trap and drain buildup and clogging by enzymatic action. Safe on equipment, plumbing and pipes. Bio-Gest is non-toxic, non-acid and non-alkaline treatment for grease traps and drain lines and down pipes, portable toilets, septic tanks, recreational vehicles, marinas, sump pumps etc. Liquifies and digests complex fats, oil, grease, cellulose, proteins and starches. Bio-Gest assures good, clean, odor-free operation of drains and traps when used on a regular basis. Usage: Use at the end of the day or during the part of the day with the least usage. Simply our required amount of Bio-gest into the drain system. Use 2 oz weekly in grease trap pipelines, kitchen drains, washroom drains, laundry drains, toilets and garbage disposals. For grease traps that already have a grease build-up, use 8oz every other day until grease has been digested. Septic Tanks: add 16 oz per 25 cu. feet capacity for the introductory period. Thereafter, use 8 oz per week. If septic tank has become clogged and/or odorous, add a full gallon directly into the tank. Grease traps/tanks: For grease traps/tanks less than 25 cu. feet capacity, add 6 oz daily. For larger traps/tanks, add 10 oz. Daily.


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