"Green" Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner

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"Green" Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner More Details

Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner This product uses soil crystallization technology to remove soils, spots and stains from carpets with minimal dry time. The process traps embedded soils in clear polymer crystals that can be removed during the vacuuming of carpets. Carpets stay cleaner longer, damage to carpet fibers is reduced and carpet life is extended. Areas cleaned with this process can be ready for foot traffic one hour after cleaning. Dilute: 8 oz per gallon Green Performance brand products are DFE certified and meet the highest standards for environmentally safe products. Our research and development team used a variety of DFE approved raw materials to enhance performance value. These include some of the following: - Environmentally friendly solvents the rapidly emulsify soils. - Mild alkali to remove greasy soils. - A multiple surfactant system designed to improve soil penetration and clean surfaces faster. - Environmentally friendly chelating agents that suspend salts and allow the surfactants to be more effective in hard water. Organic acids that are very effective at removing hard water scale and stains.


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